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'Mulia' Sup Buntut
Oxtail soup with diced vegetables, emping crackers and steamed fragrant rice
Soto Ayam Lamongan
Spiced clear soup with shredded chicken, turmeric and fried potato cake
Nasi Goreng Kampung
Indonesian fried rice with spicy egg omelet and grilled jumbo prawn
Nasi Goreng Kambing
Fried rice with lamb cubes, green chili and fried egg sunny side up
Ayam Panggang Sambal Hijau
Barbecue free-range chicken with green chilies paste, steamed fragrant rice and vegetables
Konro Panggang Makasar
Aromatic spices braised, grilled beef ribs, steamed fragrant rice and pickled vegetables
Tongseng Kambing
Spicy lamb stew cooked with vegetables, coconut milk and sweet soya gravy served with steamed fragrant rice
Nasi Timbel Ulam Bakar
Grilled free range chicken, gurame fish and empal gepuk, steamed fragrant rice wrapped in banana leaf
Nasi Tongkol Ikan Bakar
Steamed tuna sautéed with chili and garlic, balinese grilled chicken, empal gepuk and sautéed papaya leaves with flowers served with coconut rice wrapped in banana leaf
Nasi Bali Wardani
Grilled chicken, beef dendeng, satay lilit and turmeric long beans served with steamed rice and rempeyekkacang
Traditional 'Nasi Liwet Solo'
Coconut simmered chicken shredded, fried soya bean cake and tofu, fried chicken liver, gizzard, braised egg and sautéed green pumpkin served with coconut rice
Sapi Cabe Hijau Dan Sayuran
Sautéed sliced beef with green chili and mixed vegetables served with steamed fragrant rice
Buntut Balado Dengan Soup
Deep fried oxtail with sambal marinated, steamed fragrant rice and clear beef broth
Satay Cilacap
Grilled marinated chicken skewer and sweet soya sauce
Bakmi Goreng
Stir fried noodles with chicken, prawns, egg and vegetables
Bakmi Jawa
Javanese yellow noodles with prawns, chicken, vegetables and tomato egg broth
Penang Char Kwe Teow
From The Grill
Anchovies Herb Crusted Salmon Fillet
Australian Black Angus Beef Tenderloin
Australian Black Angus Sirloin Steak
Texas Barbequed Baby Chicken
Chicken Tikka Malai
Ginger Tandoori Lamb Chop
Lamb Rasa Masala
Chicken Madras Curry
Chicken Makhani Curry A Spiced Tomato, Butter And Cream Sauce
Prawn Vindaloo Matter
Saag Paneer
Chicken Biryani
Vegetable Samosa
Cheese Naan
Spicy Green Mango Salad
Deep-Fried Thai Fish Cake
Crab Meat Spring Roll
Thai Barbecued Chicken With Sweet Chili Sauce
Thai Chicken Satay
Tom Kha Gai - Spicy Chicken Coconut Soup
Tom Yum Goong - Spicy Prawn Soup With Lemongrass
Green Curry With Beef
Red Curry With Chicken
Yellow Curry With Chicken
Yellow Curry With Prawn
Dried Red Curry With Chicken
Dried Red Curry With Prawn
Rice & Noodles
Thai Fried Rice With Shrimp And Pineapple
Fried Rice With Chicken
Phad Thai - Fried Rice Noodles With Prawn
Salad And Sandwich
Caesar Salad With Grilled Chicken Breast, Parmesan
Caesar Salad With Smoked Salmon, Parmesan
Grilled Ham And Cheese Sandwich, Potato Wedges, Salad
Bocconcini Salad With Cherry Tomatoes And Cos Lettuce, Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar
Mulia Club Sandwich
Porcini Mushroom Soup
Lobster Bisque
Minestrone Soup
Pizza Margherita
Pizza Pepperoni
Pizza Quattro Formaggi
Pizza Beef Con Carne
Pizza Smoked Beef Carbonara
Pizza Smoked Salmon
Pizza Hawaiian
Pizza Rendang
Spiny Lobster In Tomato Chili, Lemon Sauce
Spaghetti Carbonara
Aglio, Olio, Grilled Chicken, Zucchini, Peperoncino
Aglio, Olio, Grilled Chicken, Zucchini, Peperoncino
Beef Wagyu Bolognaise
Beef Wagyu Bolognaise
Beef Wagyu Bolognaise
Spiny Lobster In Tomato Chili, Lemon Sauce
Chicken Ravioli Alla Cacciatora
Beef Lasagna
Meat & Fish
Gratinated Bamboo Lobster Thermidor
½ lobster on the shell
Gratinated Bamboo Lobster Thermidor
1 whole lobster on the shell
Pan Seared Salmon 'Alla Mugnaia', Quinoa Pilaf, Zucchini
Beef Burger
Cheese Burger
Appetizer & Snack
Pan-Fried Gyoza
(6 pieces)
(10 pieces)
Agedashi Tofu
Chicken Karaage
Sushi Roll
Tiger Roll
Rock N Roll
Spider Roll
California Roll
Mixed Nigiri Sushi
(12 pieces)
Ramen & Noodles
Seafood Ramen
King prawn, scallop squid and egg, assorted vegetables
Beef Ramen
Sliced australian beef loin, assorted vegetables
Grilled Chicken Ramen
Fish Ball Ramen
Roasted pork and egg, assorted vegetables
Yaki Udon
Lunch Box
Beef Tenderloin Katsu Lunch Box
Beef Teriyaki Lunch Box
Chicken Teriyaki Lunch Box
Tempura Lunch Box
Unaju Lunch Box
Grilled eel with teriyaki sauce
Grilled Salmon With Teriyaki Sauce Lunch Box
Chicken Katsu Lunch Box
Rice Bowl
Beef Yakiniku Rice Bowl
Chicken Katsu Curry Rice Bowl
Beef Tenderloin Katsu Curry Rice Bowl
Salmon Teriyaki Rice Bowl
Appetizer & BBQ
Batter Fried Soft Shell Crab With Chicken Floss
Chilled Sliced Beef Shank With Five Spice Flavor
Chilled Jelly Fish Flower Hong Kong Style
Chilled Baby Octopus With White Sesame
Roasted Duck (Whole)
Roasted Duck (Half)
Hong Kong Roasted Crispy Chicken (Whole)
Hong Kong Roasted Crispy Chicken (Half)
Braised Seafood Soup With Asparagus And Bean Curd
Braised Minced Beef Soup With Shredded Chinese Spinach And Egg White
Hot And Sour Seafood Soup Szechuan Style
Braised Creamy Sweet Corn Soup With Crab Meat
Abalone And Dried Seafood
Buddha Jump Over The Wall
Braised Whole 6 Head Abalone With Vegetables In Oyster Sauce
Braised Sliced Abalone And Fa Kuo With Vegetables In Oyster Sauce
Braised Sliced Abalone And Sea Cucumber With Vegetable In Oyster Sauce
Braised Sliced Abalone And Flower Mushroom On Garden Greens
Baked Bamboo Lobster With Cheese
½ lobster on the shell
Baked Bamboo Lobster With Cheese
1 whole lobster on the shell
Stir-Fried Scallops With Broccoli
Deep-Fried Prawns With Mayonnaise Dressing And Almonds
Stir-Fried Shrimps With Celery Stick In Szechuan Sauce
Golden Fried Almond Prawns Coated In Salted Egg Yolk
Stir-Fried Prawns In Sweet And Sour Chili Sauce Szechuan Style
Steamed Fillet Of Alaskan Black Cod With Chopped Pickled Chili
Deep-Fried Fillet Of Black Cod In Sweet Chili And Pineapple Sauce
Fried Soft Shell Crab With Thai Chili Sauce
Poultry, Beef, Lamb, & Pork
Sweet And Sour Pork
Pan-Fried Beef Cube With Black Pepper Sauce
Stir-Fried Sliced Beef With Broccoli In Oyster Sauce
Stir-Fried Sliced Beef With Tomatoes And Egg
Stir-Fried Chicken Cubes With Dried Chili And Peppercorn
Kung Pao Chicken With Strawberry And Cashew Nuts
Stir-Fried Sliced Chicken With Celery And Chili Szechuan Style
Vegetables & Bean Curd
Braised Egg Bean Curd With Seafood In Xo Sauce
Braised Bean Curd With Salted Fish And Chicken In Clay Pot
Ma Po Tofu
Stewed Eggplants With Minced Chicken And Salted Fish
Braised Broccoli With Crab Meat Sauce
Braised Flower Mushroom And Spinach In Oyster Sauce
Braised Sliced Bailing Mushrooms And Flower Mushrooms In Oyster Sauce
Creamy Sweet Corn Soup With Asparagus And Bean Curd
Hot And Sour Vegetarian Soup
Sweet And Sour Vegetarian Chicken
Stir-Fried King Oyster Mushroom With Celery And Szechuan Chili
Wok Fried Fragrant Vegetarian Rice With Vegetables
Noodles & Rice
Wok-Fried Flat Rice Noodles With Prawn Served In Egg Sauce
Wok Fried Flat Rice Noodles With Sliced Beef
Stir-Fried Rice Vermicelli And E-Fu Noodles With Crab Meat, Sweet Pepper, Xo Sauce
Hong Kong Noodle Soup With Shrimp Wonton
Braised Noodles Table 8 Style (Longevity Noodles) - Birthday Noodles
Crispy Fried Hong Kong Noodles With Shredded Roasted Duck, Chicken, Black Fungus
Crispy Fried Noodles With Seafood And Braised With Oyster Sauce
Braised E-Fu Noodles With Straw Mushrooms And Bean Sprouts
Stir-Fried Udon Noodles With Shredded Chicken, Sweet Pepper, Onions And Egg In Xo
Wok-Fried Fragrant Rice With Chicken And Salted Fish In Balacan Sauce
Dim Sum
Steamed Dumpling With Shrimps
Siomai Dumpling